NUS CS notes(self-made) : CS3201 Software Engineering Project 1

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High quality self-made notes -- A lot effort was put in to make it comprehensive yet succinct. 

It is a compilation of important concepts from:

  • Lecture notes & tutorials (with solutions)
  • Practice/Exam questions 
  • Unofficial in-depth notes by tutor ( which helps to clarify doubts )

It consists of :

1.When to use what methods/formulas,

2.Detailed explanation & examples.



Course Syllabus:


Note package (in PDF) includes: 

  1. Self-made notes: 24 pg ( cover all topics, all you need to know for exams)
  2. Video Notes: 18 pg
  3. C++ cheatsheet: pg
  4. Tutorials + solutions (if need, email me.)
  5. Exam papers (if need, email me.)


  • Will save you a lot of time to create your own notes ( Many hours were invested in to create notes of such high quality )
  • Learning become much easier during lectures
  • Concepts remain the same ( regardless of time or the university you are from )

Please email me if you found any mistakes/ room for improvements, so that I can correct them ^^